Welcome to Student Citizen

Courses of six months duration will start January 2017

  • residential in Brittany, France
  • practical & theoretical
  • total costs less than one year’s tuition fees at a UK university

The course aims to stimulate students to be responsible members of a free society

To that end:

  1. The course is arranged according to 5 critical perspectives
  • personal – psychology, health, education, personality, routines
  • social – relationships in family, friends, work, community
  • cultural – heritage, identity, religion, society, philosophy, language
  • material – economy, ecology, population, wealth
  • political – systems, ideologies, practices, media

2. The course will employ the scientific method – hypothesis, test, methodology, results and conclusions – as the principal technique for individual and group enquiry

3. The course will encourage each participant to appraiseĀ  what they are doing, how and why – meta cognition. This is critical.

The course aims to develop the individual as a responsible, sociable person capable of pertinent analysis and constructive thinking in response to the challenges of the 21st century.