take the yellow pill:

defend free speech

Why is UMass Dartmouth so quiet? Use your voice. Speak up.


Let's use and defend our freedom of speech.


We need to have conversations. We need discourse. We need to argue and debate. Let's hold our opinions and ideas accountable and test our knowledge and experience against one another. Let's protest, and speak, and share what we know and feel.


UMass Dartmouth students should be speaking, loudly. We need to cultivate more active voices in our world. We need students who learn from each other as well as faculty.


We are not against the voice of UMass Dartmouth, we are against the lack of student voices here.


If students have nothing else to talk about, let free speech be our starting point.


Let's talk about the policies at UMass Darmouth that restrict student speech. Let's talk about if, when, and why these policies are used to silence student expression. Who gets to speak at UMass Dartmouth?


Let's talk about what free speech really encompasses. What are we comfortable with hearing and expressing? Are we willing to defend free speech even if that means defending speech we might disagree with? Are we willing to speak up against what we disagree with, and do so peacefully?




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