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free speech at umass dartmouth

free speech is protected at umass darthmouth.

As a publicly funded university, UMass Dartmouth is obligated to protect the freedom of speech on its' campus.

time, place, and manner

As public universities have a duty to provide an education without disruption and allow free speech, they are allowed to regulate speech by time, place and manner.

the free speech zone

UMass Dartmouth officially recognizes one location alone as Public Forum, or a place where free speech may occur:


"the grassy areas to the south and east, within 75 feet, of the campanile, bounded by the Group I walkway and the Group IV walkway."


Individual students, not operating as part of a university-recognized organization, have the right to speak and assemble here only.


Are all students always required to express freely in this area, or does the University only recognize and utilize this zone when censoring certain speakers it disagrees with?

limited expression

Policy explicitly states the freedom to speak is not in classrooms, faculty offices, or residence halls.


Outside of the free speech zone, the interior and door of a dorm room is the only forum for students' verbal or visual expression.


Individual students do not have the freedom to speak or post materials in any public places owned by the university. Only university-recognized, and thus controlled, student clubs and organizations may express themselves in public or common areas.

prior notice

If you wish to exercise your right to speak at UMass Dartmouth, multiple policies require you to give notice to multiple on-campus departments of your plans to speak. It is technically unconstitutional to require individuals to provide the government of their intent to speak.

limits on attendance

UMass Dartmouth maintains the ability to shut down any expressive activity based on the number of people in attendance, on the grounds of protecting public safety.


The freedom to speak must certainly be exercised with consideration for the rights and safety of others. However, considering student's are only allowed to speak outside in the free speech zone, we wonder how and when the university chooses to exercise this ability.

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